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79017 : The Battle of Five Armies

79017 : The Battle of Five Armies

Includes 7 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Thorin Oakenshield™, Dain Ironfoot, Legolas Greenleaf™, Azog™, Bard the Bowman™ and 2 Gundabad Orcs, plus a Gwaihir™ figure

Ruins of Dale features a look-out tower with an exploding wall, exploding bridge, big crossbow and translucent fire elements

Orc battle machine features a huge firing crossbow and 2 giant arrows

Weapons include 3 Orc swords, 2 longbows, mace, red ruby axe, short sword and a spear

Ruins of Dale measures over 7” (20cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 4” (11cm) deep

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